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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
May 26, 2017Lee, MA770 Summer St #13A$449,000Florence S Braun RET
Gray, Deborah A
Schott, Rudy
Schott, Elaine J
More Info
May 25, 2017Lee, MA1250 Pleasant St$175,000Clark, Rodney F
Clark, Christine
Ford, Richard S
Ford, Rose M
More Info
May 23, 2017Lee, MA235 East St$97,000Howitt, C Linda
Williams, Evan R
Bank Of America NA More Info
May 08, 2017Lee, MA660 Marble St$250,000Springstead, Quintin K
Springstead, Dolores L
Lipford, Lewis
Lipford, Barbara J
More Info
May 05, 2017Lee, MA310 Prospect St$235,000Soules, Katie J Edelstein, Ruth W More Info
May 05, 2017Lee, MA800 Tyringham Rd$205,000Missionaries, Marian
Mercy, Divine
Nannette M Mitchell T
Wooderson, Marita A
More Info
May 01, 2017Lee, MA880 East St #13D$305,000Merriam October Mtn NT
Merriam, Bruce A
Weiss, Larry L
Bowles, Jerry L
More Info
May 01, 2017Lee, MA115 Prospect St$274,000Lundeen, Carolyn A Free, Jason
Free, Colleen B
More Info
April 20, 2017Lee, MA115 Davis St$232,000115 Davis St RT
Keegan, Barbara
Wilson, Mildred J More Info
April 18, 2017Lee, MA49 Sunshine Ave$130,000Obrien, John E Walsh, Joanne M More Info
April 18, 2017Lee, MA160 Lander Rd$270,000Moran, Bruce W
Moran, Sherri L
John Donovan Jr RET
Donovan, Janis R
More Info
April 14, 2017Lee, MA255 Spring St$445,000Davis, W Adam
Schauman-Davis, Kimberly
Murray, Thomas
Murray, Lisa
More Info
April 12, 2017Lee, MA470 Church St$469,800Masur, Tomoko
Masur, Ken-David
Newman, Roberta W More Info
April 11, 2017Lee, MA21 Bramble Ln$383,000Frankel, Gail Weitzen, Sherry
Weitzen, Laurie
More Info
April 07, 2017Lee, MA355 Fairview St$240,000Denhardt, Mandi L
Denhardt, Steven M
Morawiec, John M
Morawiec, Tiffany D
More Info
April 04, 2017Lee, MA1140 Cape St$150,000Boomsma, Derek J AJT RT
Touponce, Thomas E
More Info
March 31, 2017Lee, MA21 Franklin St$75,000Cernik, Dawn
Cernik, Richard E
Cernik, Dawn
Cernik, Larry D
More Info
March 31, 2017Lee, MA5 Leonard Ave$165,000Macconnach, Jeffrey B
Macconnach, Donna A
Gasser Dennis R Est
Monasky, Judith G
More Info
March 30, 2017Lee, MA155 Summer St$265,000Panwala, Gaurang
Karia, Bhumi
Holmes, Richard C
Holmes, Deborah L
More Info
March 29, 2017Lee, MA25 Antelope Dr$32,500Berkshire Hills Leisure Hritz Joseph Est
Hritz, Mary
More Info
March 29, 2017Lee, MA25 Antelope Dr$40,000Salkin, Patricia E
Gross, Howard F
Berkshire Hills Leisure More Info
March 17, 2017Lee, MA2 Teal Rd$635,000Goldstein, Brian D
Goldstein, Arza S
Beer, Ronni More Info
March 07, 2017Lee, MA20 Elk Dr$339,000Mooraj, Hussain
Mooraj, Jessica
Zeidman, Amy J More Info
February 23, 2017Lee, MA880 East St #15B$220,000Adler, Michael
Adler, Beth
Prokup, Michael
Prokup, Ilene S
More Info
February 08, 2017Lee, MA105 Tyringham Rd$27,994AJT RT
Touponce, Thomas E
Stedman Nancy R Est
Stedman, John J
More Info
February 08, 2017Lee, MA725 Tyringham Rd$158,000Lee Bank Herman, Paul S
Herman, Susan
More Info
January 31, 2017Lee, MA570 Devon Rd$460,000Buckley-Wright, N P
Buckley-Wright, Ashley N
Sabatelli FT
Sabatelli, Elaine R
More Info
January 27, 2017Lee, MA350 Greylock St$193,900Ohman, Conrad
Ohman, Margaret
Simmons, Craig M More Info
January 26, 2017Lee, MA42 E Center St$205,000Highley, Carolyn T Sherman, Nancy A More Info
January 11, 2017Lee, MA345 Spring St$321,000No Place Like Home Props Greylock FCU
Benjamin, Mark D
More Info
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