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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
March 29, 2024Lee, MA190 Summer St$430,000Shepard, Kyle Beattie, Shannon G More Info
March 28, 2024Lee, MA535 Meadow St$150,000Renner, Chenoe E Terstamentary T
Ferris, Pamela J
More Info
March 27, 2024Lee, MA50 W Center St$560,000Kab Properties LLC Fifty West Center St Nt
Leprevost, Timothy D
More Info
March 21, 2024Lee, MA190 Willow St$225,000Katz Partners LLC Moritz, Steven More Info
March 15, 2024Lee, MA110 Tyringham Rd$260,000Suor, Julia T Allen, Patrick A More Info
March 14, 2024Lee, MA307 Church St$850,000Kendall, James R
Kendall, Cassidy
Frjf Nt
Chittenden, Rita M
More Info
February 29, 2024Lee, MA95 E Center St$304,900Clerget, Rebecca
Clerget, Gilbert
Lnd Investments LLC More Info
February 28, 2024Lee, MA35 Limestone$275,000Brunell, William
Brunell, Becky B
Grodeuce LLC More Info
February 26, 2024Lee, MA35 Richmond Ave$465,000Webb, Ruth P Guenther, James M
Guenther, Martha J
More Info
January 31, 2024Lee, MA830 Greylock St$425,000Mello, Jarett A
Mello, Abigail L
Long FT
Long, Lauren B
More Info
January 31, 2024Lee, MA40 Debra Ave$380,000Moss, Lloyd
Lim, Ana
Mello, Jarett A
Mello, Abigail L
More Info
January 19, 2024Lee, MA770 Summer St #4D$600,000Robinson, Michael D
Robinson, Alisa M
Berenblum, Marvin
Berenblum, Susan
More Info
January 16, 2024Lee, MA182 W Park St$560,000Smith, Leah F
Fergus, Mary E
Leffel, Anneke
Harter, James
More Info
January 16, 2024Lee, MA491 Chapel St$282,000Share, Isaac B
Lewis-Share, Cassidy A
Hlp Realty Holdings LLC More Info
January 09, 2024Lee, MA1530 Pleasant St$650,000Villetto, Danielle Marian Missionaries Of Di More Info
December 28, 2023Lee, MA880 East St #17B$320,000Johnson, Rebecca L Rigsby, Karen E More Info
December 27, 2023Lee, MA75 East St$765,000Geuss, Gerard A
Geuss, Elizabeth C
Baumann, William G
Hall, Wendy D
More Info
December 22, 2023Lee, MA175 Fairview St$285,000Keenan, Matthew Mountain Hawk Nt
Kane, Lisa H
More Info
December 21, 2023Lee, MA300 Valenti Farms$202,000Milligan, David M
Fournier-Milligan, Kelly
Yokun Ridge Prop Mgmt LLC More Info
December 15, 2023Lee, MA139 Main St$675,000135-139 Main Street LLC Leprevost, Gerald H
Leprevost, G S
More Info
December 05, 2023Lee, MA21 Tabar Ave$125,000Merritt Hm Solutions LLC Morawiec, Thomas P More Info
December 05, 2023Lee, MA40 Circular Ave$375,000Pacella, Sara E North, Melanie I More Info
November 15, 2023Lee, MA325 Laurel St$260,000Cuttito, Sam Towne, Catherine L
Towne, Sarah J
More Info
October 30, 2023Lee, MA250 High St$175,000250 High LLC Townsend, Philip F
Townsend, Roberta
More Info
October 25, 2023Lee, MA1160 Pleasant St$65,000Massachusetts Electric Co Meadow Farm Equipment Inc More Info
October 18, 2023Lee, MA905 Pleasant St$1,000,000Smethurst Realty LLC 905 Pleasant St LLC More Info
October 13, 2023Lee, MA745 Tyringham Rd$535,000Mertsock, Michael J
Mertsock, Valerie M
Clairmont, Joshua More Info
October 04, 2023Lee, MA125 Center St$405,000Rubio, Mauricio
Mikkola, Eeva
Leprevost, John C
Leprevost, Carol E
More Info
October 02, 2023Lee, MA54 Housatonic St$275,000Gray, Nicholas S Harris, Keelynn M More Info
September 27, 2023Lee, MA685 Marble St$350,000Berkshire Corporate Rlty Menatti, Michael J
Menatti, Wendy A
More Info
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