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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
February 28, 2020Lee, MA25 Margerie St$140,000Sonsini, Jason A US Bank NA Tr More Info
February 20, 2020Lee, MA1650 Pleasant St$255,000Boswell, Christopher D Boettcher, Charlene M More Info
February 18, 2020Lee, MA405 Church St$236,000Montemagni, Molly Crawford, Scott
Quicken Loans Inc
More Info
February 07, 2020Lee, MA395 Devon Rd$450,000Tessier, Franck
Portnoy, Rachel A
Winn, William J
Winn, Lorinda C
More Info
February 04, 2020Lee, MA1185 Pleasant St$963,800Casella Waste Management Bad Boys RT
Daley, Robert J
More Info
January 28, 2020Lee, MA60 Willow Hill Rd$600,000Eurovia Atlantic Coast Lane Construction Corp More Info
January 17, 2020Lee, MA240 High St$217,500Khant, Min
Khaing, Mahnin Y
Duval, Brian M More Info
January 06, 2020Lee, MA82 Dublin Hl$85,500Asceves-Gaspar, Alicia Charlton, Kevin C More Info
December 31, 2019Lee, MA405 Fairview St$224,000Foote, David J
Foote, Amy F
Emerald City Rentals LLC More Info
December 31, 2019Lee, MA550 Mallard Ln #550$1,000,000Waxberg, Jerald W
Waxberg, Karen S
Liemer, Roy J
Liemer, Geri L
More Info
December 30, 2019Lee, MA180 Forest St$134,000Ruby Realty LLC Stanard, Rebecca L
Wells Fargo Bank NA
More Info
December 23, 2019Lee, MA735 Forest St$280,000Fergus, Dylan J Vreeland, Carlton K More Info
December 20, 2019Lee, MA880 East St #400C$173,900Savage, Thomas J
Savage, Linda A
Francis, Ruth More Info
December 17, 2019Lee, MA175 Sturgis Ave$150,000Leahey, Philip J
Leahey, Jennifer D
Smith, Jerry J More Info
December 17, 2019Lee, MA15 Via Maria$410,000Zia, Alwaleed
Zia, Fahd
Zia, Muhammad More Info
December 16, 2019Lee, MA545 Maple St$285,000Swindlehurst, William S
Duffin-Swindlehurst, D M
Graham, Nicholas S
Graham, Gerard F
More Info
December 13, 2019Lee, MA265 Bradley St$100,000Dreher, Lisa M
Shepard, Marc D
Alliance Properties LLC More Info
December 12, 2019Lee, MA711 East St$230,000Mechek, Dylan M
Mechek, Allison B
Cutt, Pamela J More Info
December 05, 2019Lee, MA20 Saint James Ave$190,000Hoffmeier, Nancy K Bowers David C Est
Clayson, Susan C
More Info
December 03, 2019Lee, MA225 W Park St$232,000Lockenwitz-Payer, Tammy M Mccormack, Christine M More Info
November 26, 2019Lee, MA125 Tamarack Ave$214,000Stier, Samantha E Wolfe, Jeremy More Info
November 15, 2019Lee, MA371 Washington Mountain Rd$186,000Dastoli, Sara A Dragonetti Danielle L Est
Dragonetti, Lance G
More Info
November 13, 2019Lee, MA880 East St #1A$187,000Strong, Susan M Barber, Philip J
Barber, Ann
More Info
November 12, 2019Lee, MA300 Mandalay Rd$323,000Devos, Bradley J
Devos, Maeomee L
Bullock, Michael F
Bullock, Nancy E
More Info
November 08, 2019Lee, MA65 Paul Dr$288,500Hickson, Joshua A
Hickson, Ashley D
Sparks, Courtney E More Info
November 01, 2019Lee, MA880 East St #19C$270,000Stuzin, Marcy G Schwartzberg, Steven More Info
October 31, 2019Lee, MA100 Fernside Rd$295,000Lafond-Lewis, James
Lafond-Lewis, Cheryl
Castle FT
Castle, Natalie
More Info
October 30, 2019Lee, MA160 Church St$90,000Cummings, Chad R
Cummings, Brittany
Cody, Richard S More Info
October 29, 2019Lee, MA120 Mandalay Rd$300,000Nazarov, Vladimir
Thompson, Loren
Lee, Jesse S More Info
October 25, 2019Lee, MA50 Antelope Dr$230,000Griffith, Jodie M Erwin, Elizabeth J More Info
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