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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
September 30, 2022Lee, MA320 E Center St$290,000Marquez, Margarita Retzel, Mary A More Info
September 29, 2022Lee, MA385 East St$297,000Palacios, Julian A
Martinez, Sandra M
Coty, Richard M More Info
September 26, 2022Lee, MA80 East St$421,000Shive, Andrew M
Frederick, Kelsey L
Stone, Micah C
Mcnamara, Kerri E
More Info
September 23, 2022Lee, MA265 Greylock St$250,000Tan, Wilson Y Tan-Csepes, Sabrina More Info
September 21, 2022Lee, MA160 Laurel St$410,000Hibbard, Catherine J Burtt FT
Bowden, Sandra J
More Info
September 12, 2022Lee, MA75 Debra Ave$395,000Alvarez, Jean P Tenuta, Loretta More Info
September 08, 2022Lee, MA880 East St #200A$255,000Mechanic-Meyers, Susan E Bushansky, Merryl More Info
September 07, 2022Lee, MA40 Summer St$187,500Sundermann, Jon
Sundermann, Melissa R
Seamans, David P
Seamans, Sue A
More Info
September 01, 2022Lee, MA880 East St #B$282,500Kaufman, Mark
Kaufman, Francine
Sandra Siegel RET
Siegel, Todd A
More Info
August 29, 2022Lee, MA60 Margerie St$355,000Vlachos, Mark J Solarz, Charles
Cinquemani, Sarah J
More Info
August 26, 2022Lee, MA640 Chapel St$54,900Dugan, Thomas C
Dugan, Mary C
FHLM More Info
August 18, 2022Lee, MA110 Elk Dr$26,000Salkin, Patricia E
Gross, Howard F
Cataldo, Christopher
Cataldo, Thuy L
More Info
August 17, 2022Lee, MA745 Cape St$155,000Mechare, Paul J Newton Michelle L Est
Newton, Jake D
More Info
August 15, 2022Lee, MA70 Summer St$290,000Hernandez-Aguilar, Bacili
Heras, Maria M
Southard, Elijah D More Info
August 05, 2022Lee, MA880 East St #100B$229,000Geisler, David
Geisler, Rowena
Eliason, Frederik W
Eliason, Carolyn A
More Info
August 04, 2022Lee, MA81 E Center St$285,000Kankanamalage, Samantha U Hitchcock, Carolyn M
Hitchcock, David E
More Info
August 01, 2022Lee, MA865 Fairview St$82,000Piccolo, Robert J
Piccolo, Sheena M
865 Fairview LLC More Info
July 28, 2022Lee, MA40 Laurel St$425,000Mackichan, Colin R
Mackichan, Emily J
Hawley, Meghann E More Info
July 26, 2022Lee, MA410 Greylock St$320,000Peruta, Nathan J Blair, Anthony C More Info
July 15, 2022Lee, MA260 Mandalay Rd$435,000Ochs-Kravitz, Susan Taylor FT
Coates, Joseph
More Info
July 11, 2022Lee, MA1185 Pleasant St$1,200,000T&S Holdings LLC Casella Waste Mgmt Inc More Info
July 05, 2022Lee, MA21 Franklin St$125,000Fairaux, Daniel
Fairaux, Nicole
Franklin Street RT
Cernik, Dawn M
More Info
July 01, 2022Lee, MA30 Circular Ave$350,000Bartlett, William C Tierney, Robert
Tierney, Pauline
More Info
July 01, 2022Lee, MA460 East St$349,000Mizhquiri, Edwin A
Quizhpi, Ana L
Verma, Sandeep
Verma, Sadhvi
More Info
July 01, 2022Lee, MA30 Lana Ave$400,000Butterick, Thomas R
Butterick, Sarah C
Touponce, Thomas E
Touponce, Rebecca M
More Info
June 29, 2022Lee, MA880 East St #2C$434,900Creditor, Bruce
Creditor, Susan
Marley-Connolly, Patricia More Info
June 22, 2022Lee, MA635 Laurel St$690,000Sweetgrass Laurel St LLC Ryan, Jasmine K More Info
June 17, 2022Lee, MA40 Saint James Ave$345,000Mccormick-Goodhart, Mark
Goodhart, Annmarie M
Keith, Abbey E More Info
June 10, 2022Lee, MA345 East St$228,281IJN Equities LLC Obrien Marguerite B Est
Walsh, Joanne
More Info
June 10, 2022Lee, MA545 Chapel St$420,000Cahilly, Mary C Buratto, Nathan T More Info
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