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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
June 07, 2024Lee, MA16 Chanterwood Rd$600,000Cook, Shaun S
Cook, Susan M
Toole, John E
Miller, Gina A
More Info
May 31, 2024Lee, MA45 Chanterwood Rd$800,000Toole, John E
Toole, Gina M
Holland, Lucy More Info
May 23, 2024Lee, MA1715 Cape St$230,000Jennison, Jane M
Drumm, Michael E
Newbold, Courtney N
Newbold, Martin L
More Info
May 23, 2024Lee, MA85 Highfield Dr$485,000Mcnair, Stephanie Patterson, Kathleen B
Demos, Heather L
More Info
May 22, 2024Lee, MA25 Erskline Dr$150,000Ann M Hayes RET
Hayes, Ann M
Mccarthy, Christopher J More Info
May 20, 2024Lee, MA770 Summer St #2C$619,000Markus, David S
Kline, Penny S
Noble, Steven J More Info
May 17, 2024Lee, MA55 Erskine Dr$165,000Forget, Jeffrey
Forget, Nancy
Preihs, Michael J
Luong, Khoi Q
More Info
May 16, 2024Lee, MA880 East St #16A$385,000Sert, Bulent
Sert, Behice S
Weiner, Richard More Info
May 14, 2024Lee, MAFox Run$40,000Wickham, Pamela A Young, Alexandra J
Ferretti, Anthony J
More Info
May 10, 2024Lee, MA60 Erskine Dr$162,000Vanzandt, John H
Vanzandt, Doreen S
Dremak, Andrew R More Info
April 30, 2024Lee, MA60 S Prospect St$300,000Mooney, D J Norma E Maroney RET
Maroney, Wiliam J
More Info
April 29, 2024Lee, MA365 Water St$222,000Hunter, Owen M Plankey Ft
Plankey, Robert J
More Info
April 23, 2024Lee, MA360 Spring St$735,000Miller, Viesinia M Erickson & Pozzi Hm LLC More Info
April 19, 2024Lee, MA189 Housatonic St$310,000Burcher, Rebecca L Curtis, Crystal L More Info
April 12, 2024Lee, MA45 Margerie St$300,000Leblanc, Jeremy T Zerbato, Jennifer M More Info
April 05, 2024Lee, MA198 Washington Mountain Rd$160,000Reis, Marines F Cuene Eugene R Est
Weslowski, Scot A
More Info
April 05, 2024Lee, MA880 East St #500C$416,000Silagi, Robert P
Schiele, Barbara S
Blau, Diane More Info
April 05, 2024Lee, MA190 E Center St$415,000Farnham, Matthew N
Farnham, Alyssa K
Murphy, Francis J More Info
April 03, 2024Lee, MA235 Spring St$135,000Nardin, Michelle M George H Fleischner RET
Fleischner, George
More Info
April 02, 2024Lee, MA50 Erskine Dr$135,000Seeh, Corinne M Golden Hill Prop LLC More Info
March 29, 2024Lee, MA190 Summer St$430,000Shepard, Kyle Beattie, Shannon G More Info
March 28, 2024Lee, MA535 Meadow St$150,000Renner, Chenoe E Terstamentary T
Ferris, Pamela J
More Info
March 27, 2024Lee, MA50 W Center St$560,000Kab Properties LLC Fifty West Center St Nt
Leprevost, Timothy D
More Info
March 21, 2024Lee, MA190 Willow St$225,000Katz Partners LLC Moritz, Steven More Info
March 15, 2024Lee, MA110 Tyringham Rd$260,000Suor, Julia T Allen, Patrick A More Info
March 14, 2024Lee, MA307 Church St$850,000Kendall, James R
Kendall, Cassidy
Frjf Nt
Chittenden, Rita M
More Info
February 29, 2024Lee, MA95 E Center St$304,900Clerget, Rebecca
Clerget, Gilbert
Lnd Investments LLC More Info
February 28, 2024Lee, MA35 Limestone$275,000Brunell, William
Brunell, Becky B
Grodeuce LLC More Info
February 26, 2024Lee, MA35 Richmond Ave$465,000Webb, Ruth P Guenther, James M
Guenther, Martha J
More Info
January 31, 2024Lee, MA830 Greylock St$425,000Mello, Jarett A
Mello, Abigail L
Long FT
Long, Lauren B
More Info
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